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203 mm Self Propelled Howitzer M110

wersja polska

ARMO-JADAR 72021 haubica samobieżna M110 self propelled howitzer

Model of the M110 howitzer was built out of an ARMO-JADAR resin kit. The kit itself makes a very good impression after opening the box, is also relatively easy to build. The hardest thing to do is the removing of casting blocks, usual for resin kits. The biggest challenge here is the hull, cast in one piece. The suspension needs special attention, as making every road wheel touch the ground is not an obvious thing, as in some plastic models. Initially I was sceptic regarding the resin tracks, but I found out it is one of the best methods of building tracks that I know of. The key is making a proper jig, consisting of two plates and a spacer as wide as the track's guide teeth. After heating the track in boiling water, the track is wrapped around the jig and thus perfectly in shape.

The model is painted with Humbrol number 66 paint under a layer of Sidolux (polish counterpart of Future floor polish or similar product) mixed with tiny amount of acrylic black paint. Sidolux is a very good base for decals. As the kit comes without any marking instructions or decals I decided do design my own markings based on fotos I found. National stars come from leftovers from aircraft models, "white letters" are dry transfers from Archer Fine Transfers and from german company Seno (printed circuit prototyping accessories). The decals were sealed with Sidolux and whole vehicle additionally weathered.


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